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Designing, Implementing, and Maintaining
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Business Partner for over 12 years.

About Us

Tidal Communications’ mission is “Giving You the Freedom to Run Your Business”.  You need communications that seamlessly supports your business…so  you have the time you need to focus on it and run it!

Tidal Communications has been an Avaya Business Partner for over a decade.  Our specialty is identifying and applying the latest in technology to benefit our clients.  For example, integrating Voice over IP (VoIP) technology with an Avaya IP Phone System - providing the same voice quality while substantially reducing network costs to help your business stay competitive.

We provide and manage the equipment, the network and all the details.  Imagine making one phone call to handle your communications needs – your call to Tidal will do just that!  If your business needs you full time, contact us here call us at 888-843-2585. Let us give you the freedom to run your business!

Already a client and love what we do?  Don’t keep us a secret – ask about our referral program today!

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