Cloud Services-Business Continuity

How are you protecting
your business?

Business Continuity Solutions and Disaster Recovery Plans.

What will you do in the event of equipment failure or calamitous event?
How will your business operate without access to its information or phones?

Tidal Communications can customize a Business Continuity Plan to automatically re-route calls to any location with any device including redundancy for applications and information.

Tidal Communications Business Continuity Solutions provide:

  • Access to communications services in any place, at any time, under any circumstances.
  • Simultaneous ringing and sequential ringing to multiple locations including landline, mobile, and PC-based softphones.
  • Support for remote workers, unified voice messaging as well as a single mailboxes across multiple technologies.
  • Hosted PBX and IP Trunking services.

Let us help you formulate your Disaster Recovery Plan.  Find out more at:

Tidal Communications Security Solutions (PDF)

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