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Optimize your Fax Usage

Select a Superior Fax Solution.

tNet’s new IP FaxSolution service gives your business the ability to recieve incoming faxes via email. Beyond convenienve, this service ensures the privacy of your communications. You can also economically bundle this service with the many other productivity-enhancing features you receive from tNet’s VoIP sevice.

Tidal’s tNet IP FaxSolution.

IP FaxSolution is a convenient, cost-effective and scure service. With it, you can:

  • Receive faxes directly in your email account
  • Forward emailed faxes to multiple parties with the touch of a button
  • Access faxes, as long as you can access your email
  • Buy as few as a single fax number
  • Read your faxes in the privacy of your email account
  • Receive up to 150 incoming pages for a modest monthly recurrring fee
  • Archive emailed faxes electronically, creating easier filing and documentation

Because tNet is a nationwide telephone company, you can preserve a consistent and professional image with a fax number in the area code of your choice, and port your existing fax number (as well as the existing E-FAX number) to our network. Also, because you are working with tNet, you can bundle IP FaxSolution as part of our larger Hosted VoIP service that includes VoIP phone service, nationwide and international long-distance and a full suite of other productivity-enhancing features.

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