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Secure Your Business with Tidal Communications 

Security is more than cameras.  A data breach can be more devastating than a break in, but both have the ability to bring your business to its knees.  Make a plan today!   We can help you protect your employees, clients and your operation.with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Protect your physical assets with a 24/7/365 Surveillance Plan:

· On site or remote viewing, using cameras with servers, PCs and cellphones
· Monitor and control entry access
· Collect information for business analytics

Protect an operation outage with a Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery Plan:

· Automatically re-route calls
· Prevent data loss with server backup on or off-site, or both
· Provide access to applications and servers in the event of power outage or cyber attack
· Secure networks with email encryption and anti virus updates
· Firewall administration to prevent data theft or corruption

Talk to us about your security concerns and we will customize a solution to Protect Your Employees, Your Clients and Your Business!  Contact us today at 888-843-2585!

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