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Secure Your Business with Tidal Communications 

Security is more than cameras, it is about protecting your business from the invisible.  A data breach can be more devastating than a break in, but both have the ability to bring your business to its knees.  Why take that chance?   Let us help you protect your employees, clients and your operation.with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Protect your physical assets with a 24/7/365 Surveillance Plan:

· On site or remote viewing, using cameras with servers, PCs and cellphones
· Monitor and control entry access
· Collect information for business analytics

Protect an operation outage with a Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery Plan:

· Automatically re-route calls
· Prevent data loss with server backup on or off-site, or both
· Provide access to applications and servers in the event of power outage or cyber attack
· Secure networks with email encryption and anti virus updates
· Firewall administration to prevent data theft or corruption

Talk to us about your security concerns and we will customize a solution to Protect Your Employees, Your Clients and Your Business!  Contact us today!

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