Avaya Pod Fx™

Enable Cloud-Based Communications from a Single Rack of Equipment
Accelerating Your Path to Cloud-based Communications
  • Deploy unified communications and contact center solutions quickly and easily in your private, public, or hybrid cloud environments with
    Avaya Pod Fx™
    . You get a combo of applications, servers, storage, networking, and management components in ready-to-operate packages―for turnkey deployment in virtualized data centers and service provider points of presence.
  • Save time and reduce management complexity with fully-integrated multi-vendor solutions. You’ll have industry-leading virtualization technology from VMware, storage technology from EMC, and applications and networking technology from Avaya, fully integrated in single full-stack solution.
  • Simplify ongoing operations and software upgrades with common orchestration. Because all solution components are managed through a single umbrella management system, you can take advantage of faster troubleshooting and streamlined management. Single-call support simplifies vendor relationships and reduces your number of support contracts.

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Decrease Mean Time to Repair

Incorporating best in class components from multiple vendors, Avaya remains your single point of contact for every Pod Fx component, eliminating complex vendor relations, disjointed software upgrades, and multiple support contracts.

Minimize Management Complexities

Pod Fx combines all the different elements in the stack under a single orchestration layer so it’s easy to manage all the components through a single interface. You get single sign on, specialized fault and performance dashboards, and remote physical views of the Pod.

Accelerate Time to Service

Turn up new applications fast by eliminating long planning cycles, deployment, cabling, testing, and optimization phases. With Pod Fx, there’s no need to pre-integrate, configure, and test the compute, storage, and networking components.

Flexible Deployment Options

Manage your Pod Fx within your data center, or outsource the deployment, management, and operations to Avaya. Or, design your own solution by combining self-management and partial outsourcing. We offer financing, leasing, even renting. Check out our Professional Services and Operations Services for details. You can also work with our authorized partners to find the model that best meets your business requirements.

Reliable, Dependable Business Services

If an independent component fails, high-availability design prevents any impact on performance. Redundant, five nines hardware is complemented by Avaya Aura® survivability features and VMware business continuity tools to help ensure your most mission-critical services are always on.

The Right Configuration Tailored to Your Environment

Choose from three base models―Enterprise, Unified Communications as a Service, or Contact Center as a Service. Pod Fx base models come pre-configured to match your specific environment and can scale seamlessly as your requirements and service mix grows.

• Virtualization Simplified and Ready to Deploy

Reduce infrastructure costs and the time it takes to deploy communications. This fully virtualized solution is based on VMware Hypervisor technology and Avaya’s industry-leading network virtualization technology.

• Slash Total Cost of Ownership in Half

Over five years, you can achieve more than a 50% savings with Pod Fx versus DIY and appliance-based approaches. Get the edge that comes with a reduction in engineering design and procurement, annual maintenance, and ongoing monitoring costs.

• Reduce Time to Service

Turn up your cloud-based communications using the ready-made, pre-tested Pod Fx. Free your important resources from the long process of complex design and testing.

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