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  • Move beyond network designs that are inefficient, vulnerable to outages, and complex to operate and manage. Forget about bottlenecks that slow the deployment of applications and services. Look ahead to an innovative way to design, operate and manage your network.
  • Simplify the network and reduce operational costs with Avaya Fabric Connect. It offers a future-proof foundation for today’s megatrends, including network virtualization, cloud, mobility, and video.
  • See faster time to service, better agility, better business continuity, and increased efficiency in your network. Avaya Fabric Connect’s enhanced implementation of the Shortest Path Bridging standard helps you achieve interoperability and create hybrid private/public clouds.

Case Study


Case Study

San Jose Earthquakes

When the management of the San Jose’s Major League Soccer club, the Earthquakes, were planning for their new stadium, they asked themselves, “How do we build a stadium that can still be at the forefront of technology in three years, five years or ten years?”

The question led the Quakes to Avaya. Together, the two have created the first cloud-enabled sports venue in the MLS, which the Quakes are utilizing to continually develop new opportunities for fan engagement.

“What we found in all the studies is that fans that are more avid and have a stronger connection to the brand will go to the website more, research the players and come to more games,” says Dave Kaval, President of the San Jose Earthquakes. “They actually become brand evangelists and get others on board. Their lifetime value is higher.”

Case Study

Keio University

The biggest effect achieved by introducing Fabric Connect, the main component in the Avaya SDN Fx architecture, is network stability with the added benefit of increased network scalability.

Keio University was established in 1858 with the name "Rangakujuku". It changed its name in 1868 to Keio University in memory of the era. In 1871, when it moved to Mita they set the cornerstone that would become the institution that it is today. In the "Gakumon Susume" issued by university-founder Yukichi Fukuzawa, the year after the move, the founder reasoned that there was a pricelessness of freedom and equality, as well as an importance of scholarship, which was widely accepted in society. The spirit of Mr. Fukuzawa was to devote himself to the discussion of independence in the hopes for national independence, and to firmly maintain his faith in those principles. There is no replacement for spirit of independence and self-respect (protecting your own dignity, and acting on your own judgment and responsibility). These founding principles continue to exist today at Keio University.

Case Study

Ashton Sixth Form College

College in Tameside Embraces Innovation with Fabric Networking



Value Created


Ashton Sixth Form College provides high-quality academic and vocational education in Ashton-under-Lyne. Over 200 dedicated staff focus on ensuring students have every opportunity to learn, enjoy and achieve and ultimately progress successfully to higher education, employment or training. For more information visit www.asfc.ac.uk/.

Case Study

Glamorgan County Cricket Club

Learning it would host the most anticipated event in its sport, the Glamorgan County Cricket Club organisers immediately started strategic planning to prepare for the fans and the hundreds of global media guests that would attend the event. After extensive research, they were very impressed with Avaya and the success of its customers with sports venues, so they choose to build a fabric networking infrastructure.

With their Avaya solutions in place throughout the stadium, the event went off without a hitch. “We received a lot of positive messages regarding the speed of our infrastructure, from photographers especially,” recalls Dan Cherry, Head of Operations for Glamorgan County Cricket Club. “It was the best they had experienced from a cricket stadium in this country.

Case Study

Prairie Street Brewhouse

‘Smart building’ technology has streamlined operations at Chicago-based Prairie Street Brewhouse.

For example, on a winter day when owner Chris Manuel was out of state, a foot of snow blanketed the business’ property in Rockford, Illinois. The first thing that came to mind: clearing the snow around the 76,000-square-foot, mixed-use property he manages.

With a quick peek at his phone, Manuel could see that one area of the lot was still snowbound, because it showed the view from a video camera mounted on the exterior of Prairie Street Brewhouse.

“I took a screen shot of the video on my phone and texted it to an employee,” said Manuel, vice president of Rockford Brewing Company and president of CMM & Associates, the building’s property manager. “Instead of getting another manager out there to verify, I could see the status of the parking lot remotely and get someone on it.”

It’s just one of the ways that technology at the historic Prairie Street Brewhouse saves time and improves operations for Manuel and his staff.

Case Study

South Euclid Lyndhurst Schools

Through a series of strategic upgrades and deployments, the South Euclid Lyndhurst school district has met the following challenges:

• Provide an IP network with strong reliability and performance
• Improve in-house management, maintenance, and trouble―shooting capabilities
• Achieve cost-savings

“We are saving a lot of money by utilizing IP cameras and IP door access,” says Technology Specialist Pete Palazzo. “We used to have to run a coax cable to each camera, then back to a central location at each building. Now we control everything from our communication closet at our centralized data center, so installations are very easy and much more cost-effective. We estimate that we save about $2,000 on each IP door access installation and about $900 on each of our 350 IP video cameras.”

Case Study

City of Troy

Security is important for the City of Troy -- ranked as the safest city in Michigan and one of the safest in the United States.

Some time ago, the city implemented a video surveillance system as a tool to aid lean-staffed law enforcement personnel. But the system was proving to be less than satisfactory -- mostly because it had been placed on top of a legacy network that struggled to handle the load and unique characteristics of live video.

“What we learned from our experience is that… placing video surveillance on a traditional network is like dumping Los Angeles-scale traffic on a much smaller city’s roads,” said Ryan Wolf, Research and Technology Administrator for the City of Troy Police Department.

“After we installed the Avaya network, our massive video surveillance problems went away,” comments Wolf. “Since then things have been essentially flawless.”

Case Study

Manning Stainton Estate Agents

Yorkshire Estate Agent's Customers and Staff are Sold on Benefits of Fabric Networking


  • Slow network restricted staff’s ability to work efficiently
  • Poor, unreliable voice quality caused frustration among staff members and customers
  • Document files were stored at each local site making it difficult to share between branches


  • Avaya Fabric Connect
  • Avaya Ethernet Routing Switches
  • Avaya voice solution

Value Created

  • More reliable communications with vast improvement in voice quality and reliability leads to increased staff productivity and enhanced customer service
  • Speed and reliability of the new network has boosted staff morale and productivity
  • Electronic documents, pictures and property details now stored in one location and can be easily accessed in any branch


Manning Stainton are Yorkshire’s leading estate agent with an unrivalled network across the region. Operating from 19 prominent sales and lettings branches across Leeds, Harrogate, Wetherby and Wakefield. Offering free valuation and marketing appraisals, lettings and property management, removals, conveyancing, surveys and independent mortgage advice. For more information visit www.manningstainton.co.uk.

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Help ensure you have the right foundation to support the next wave of applications and mobile devices. Deploy a resilient private-cloud infrastructure with the flexibility to migrate to hybrid models over time. Massive service scalability (16 million unique services) helps ensure you can grow your network seamlessly. And with OpenStack cloud orchestration, Fabric Connect solves your SDN challenges today.

Improve Time to Service

Turn up new services faster and conduct adds, moves, and changes on the fly―without risk.

  • Enable new services and changes to services at the edge only, eliminating the need to reconfigure the network core.

  • New services and changes to services are enabled at the Edge only, eliminating the need to reconfigure the network Core.

  • Reduce network provisioning by 25 times compared with traditional Ethernet-based networks.

Reduce Operating Costs with Network Fabric

Put money back in your pocket. This simplified network virtualization solution eliminates cumbersome manual tasks, reducing IT operating expenses. Labor costs can be reduced by 85% with 25 times less network provisioning for deploying services. High-priority change requests can be made easily at the network edge rather than during off hours. Plus, a single-technology network that reduces complex provisioning of protocol overlays simplifies management and troubleshooting.

• Be More Agile

Create a dynamic environment where new or changed services can be implemented on the fly―taking only minutes instead of days, weeks, or months.

• Eliminate Complexity

Cutting complex protocol overlays allows faster recovery times and simplified management and troubleshooting. Fabric Connect supports integrated Layer 2, Layer 3, IP routing, and IP multicast services with a single next-generation technology.

• Improve Network Uptime

Never drop a VoIP call or lose a video call again. Gain sub-second recoveries for all Layer 2, Layer 3, IP routing, and IP multicast services.

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