Offering Customized Services

We realize no other business is like yours.  Your communications needs are just as unique.  Pick one or a combination of Our Communications Services that best help support your business!

  • Have you upgraded your internet speed and haven’t seen an improvement?  Let us review your Network Infrastructure to see if it supports the faster internet connection.
  • Have no time for the programming changes happening daily or weekly?  Choose our remote Programming Support and call or email changes as often as you need.
  • Need to budget repairs, service and remote programming support?  Choose full Maintenance coverage and for one monthly price equipment coverage and remote support are included.  No surprise expenses!
  • Would you like to be alerted if your internet is down so steps can be taken to get it back up and running?  Choose Monitoring and we will alert you as well as start the process to restore.
  • Adding new employees or moving to a new office space?  We can wire the new space for phones, computers and cameras. Just call us to get a quote on Network Wiring and Office Moves.
  • Are you worried about hacking or a cyber attack and what it would do to your business?  What about downtime from a power or internet outage?  We can customize a plan for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to help you sleep better.

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